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Depending on the foundation repair? A small crack requiring epoxy bonding or a tie rod repair can cost as little as  $99.

Something bigger will be priced accordingly. Keep in mind our Company prides itself standing by our mission statement.

Our Company will ensure relationships driven by customer service and provide leadership in finding the most COST EFFECTIVE solutions for our customers.

We won’t sell, push or mislead our customers with a repair or product that is not needed for their particular situation . We will recommend the best and  most cost effective solution.

We have 20+ years in the waterproofing industry. Our technical experience ranges from residential waterproofing repairs and installations to high rise structures to under and above ground water holding facilities to many other industrial and commercial waterproofing projects.

We specialize in all basement waterproofing. Our areas of expertise include internal drain systems, sump pumps, foundation crack injections, and tie rod hole repairs. Ask about how our $99 waterproofing service can apply to your specific project.


Established in 2007.

Our company along with our skilled technicians have many years solving water leak issues and installing the proper waterproofing repair and or system.

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