Easy Way To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement in Michigan

basement wall crack repair in Michigan


Many homes get water in their basements after a storm in Michigan.  While there could be several reasons why your basement leaks, there is one simple step to limit the water that gets into your basement.  Roof gutters help to displace rain water away from your home.  Without roof gutters, rain water or melted snow will  pool up around your homes foundation.  Continue reading

Why Is My Basement Wet in Metro Detroit?

wet basements in Metro DetroitMany people wonder how water enters their basement. Especially if they seem to have a solid, crack free foundation. The truth is, there are a few ways in which water can leak into the basement in Metro Detroit. Obviously, one of the most common places for water to enter is any cracks that may have formed in the floor or walls. Wall cracks and floor cracks in Metro Detroit are common in many homes, as the concrete that makes up the foundation can develop cracks from age, even if the foundation is in good shape.

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Stop Water From Entering Through Basement Cracks in Metro Detroit

basement cracks in metro detroitThe infiltration of water into a basement in Metro Detroit is generally caused by ruptures in the foundation at the junction of the wall, floor and footing. If you live in damp climates or ones with severe weather, as we have in Metro Detroit, your home could be especially susceptible to these foundation ruptures. The ruptures are usually a result of hydrostatic pressure resulting from a high water table. Continue reading