Find the answers to all your waterproofing questions in Metro Detroit.

Q: Is It Truly $99 For Waterproofing?
Yes it’s TRULY $99 for the first basement wall crack. The best crack injection you will find in southeast Michigan.


Q: Why Should I Fix My Basement?
Because if there is a leak in your basement coming from the walls it can create mold and mildew and that can create health issues.


Q: What causes basement waterproofing problems?
The causes vary, but with our clay soil, a high water table is usually the culprit. It will rise to a point where it saturates the ground under and around the house. After 1, 2 or 3 days of steady rain, even if the water is not forced up through the cove (where the floor meets the wall), the water build-up in the walls will cause dampness, chipping paint, mildew, panel warp and rot and bulging cracked walls.


Q: What does a basement waterproofing inspection cost?
$99 Waterproofing offers a free expert basement waterproofing inspection without any hassle, obligation or pressure, so that, in the event you decide to eliminate your wet basement problem, you will have accurate information on which to make an intelligent, ‘best-thing-for-you’ decision.


Q:What is the cost of basement waterproofing?
An analysis of our basement waterproofing work indicates that many of the problems were completely solved for less than $1,612.00.

  1. Most homes have seepage on only 1 or 2 sides and no extensive wall damage.
  2. Cracked and bulging walls can be stabilized for about half the cost of expensive wall anchoring systems without the need for ongoing maintenance by the homeowner.

If you have any question on what waterproofing can for your house, please email us help@99dollarwaterproofing.com

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