Dealing With a Damp Basement in Macomb Michigan

Is your basement damp in Macomb Michigan because of all the rain we have been having? It’s been a wet winter and a lot of rain if you need help we are a phone call away 248-564-3188.

wet and leaky basement recsue in macomb mi

You need to install a drain system in your basement and we can help you do so you can keep the water out of your basement. Now we are professionals in Macomb for waterproofing.


Yes you can install a drain system yourself for around $1,500 but you want the warranty with the work. We install drain systems daily to help run the water out of your basement.


Yu can call us anytime for basement waterproofing in Macomb or any basement fixes you may have in your home … 248-564-3188.


There is no where good for the water to be in your house so we want to fix the problem and we will start by looking at the exterior of your home.

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