Dealing with wet basements in metro detroit
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Dealing With Wet or Flooded Basements in Metro Detroit Michigan

One of the major problems that the Michigan residents have to deal with during the thunderstorm season is their wet or flooded basement. Your basement is likely the largest single space in your home. If you allow it to be wet, moldy, humid, smelly, and unhealthy, you’re abandoning an entire floor of space in your home. Additionally, a home with water in basement is nearly impossible to sell, and the basement air filled with odors, dust mite feces, humidity, and mold spores  will rise into the rest of the house, ruining the healthy environment of the home.

Dealing with wet basements in metro detroit

Don’t let this happen! Waterproof your basement today! Call or e-mail us for a free waterproofing quote!


Waterproofing your basement in Metro Detroit, however, can be a very extensive job and finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is even more challenging, but that’s something Basement Systems wants to change.

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