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Stop The Basement Dripping in Michigan

When your home is dripping from the walls of the basement you might be dealing with a leaky basement in Michigan and 99 dollar waterproofing can help you out with that and the best thing about is that we don’t have to dig to get at the problem in most cases. basement leaks mi

Digging up the yard can be a pain in the butt and something homeowners never want to deal with but with 99 dollar waterproofing you can get the first crack for $99 and here is the next best thing if you have 5-10 cracks which we have been in business  long enough to know that if you have one crack or leak in your basement you more.

We can do the next cracks in the basement for $200 per crack so you are saving a lot of money when your talking with 99 dollar waterproofing.

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