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All buildings regardless of age are subject to cracking in the foundation. But $99 Waterproofing can help with setting the new standard for foundation crack repair in southeast Michigan.

You need help with basement waterproofing such as repairing tie rod holes in your basement walls?

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This can have many different causes ranging from hydrostatic pressure, the freeze-thaw cycle, improper backfilling after the basement was poured, or a high water table.

Sometimes excess water around the foundation footings can cause settling or sometimes the tar used to waterproof the exterior basement walls at the time of construction can deteriorate over time.

Why do you have a cracking basement wall?

Since concrete is porous, it soaks up water like a sponge. Once the concrete is supersaturated with water, the pressure builds and leads to cracking basements in southeast Michigan.

You can stop the cracking of basement walls with the proper crack injection and that can be done by one of our $99 Waterproofing specialists. Calling us would be an easy way to get a free estimate for tie rod holes in your basement.

In the basement when it comes to tie rod hole repair a homeowner will get 4 tie rod holes repair for $99.

We have tie rod hole repair service all over Detroit for basement waterproofing. Bad tie rod holes can cause a lot of damage and make your foundation weak and that can cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Why tie rod hole injections

An injection is the easiest way to fix your tie rod holes and therefore, making your foundation walls weaker.

The reason why you have tie rod holes in your basement walls is that when the foundation was being poured the holes alleviate the pressure. The holes allow for the water to exit and helps reduce pressure.

If you see any leaking from the walls it’s best to contact a basement waterproofing company as they will fill the holes for you.

Plumbers in Michigan can also help you with tie rod hole repairs in your Michigan basement its one way to fix your basement in Michigan

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