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Cracks in Foundation Walls Can Happen Anytime in Metro Detroit

foundation crack repair metro detroitCracks in foundation walls in a basement can be of no significance or a major structural defect, which can be expensive to correct. Proper evaluation is therefore very important to determine; If repair work is warranted and,  Details for effective repairs.

A crack of this nature definitely warrants further investigation. While the crack itself is vertical there is movement along the horizontal plane, which indicates a shifting of the foundation or ground beneath.

Cracks in foundation walls in Metro Detroit typically occur within several years after a house is built, although there are exceptions. Owners often do not notice cracks until many years after initial formation. More often a foundation crack becomes a major issue when discovered during a pre-purchase inspection.

Cracks are generally considered vertical, horizontal or diagonal (sloped), even though most cracked-wall conditions include all three categories.

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