basement wall crack repair in Michigan
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Easy Way To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement in Michigan

basement wall crack repair in Michigan


Many homes get water in their basements after a storm in Michigan.  While there could be several reasons why your basement leaks, there is one simple step to limit the water that gets into your basement.  Roof gutters help to displace rain water away from your home.  Without roof gutters, rain water or melted snow will  pool up around your homes foundation. 


The pressure caused by the water will eventually crack your foundation and allow water to leak into your basement.  Ground around your home that is constantly wet will make your homes foundation susceptible to cracks and leaks. 


It is recommended that your gutters move the water at least 10 feet away from your home, to help prevent it from damaging your foundation and making your basement wet.  Roof gutters are just one simple step in keeping your basement dry, and preserving the life of your foundation. 


If you have severe basement wall cracks or floor cracks, contact a basement waterproofing specialists to give you an estimate.

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