Fixing Your Foundation With Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan


crack injection basement wall livoniaWhile small cracks in poured concrete foundations are common an usually not a problem in the beginning, even the smallest crack can begin to widen and allow a path for water to enter into the home. $99 Waterproofing can diagnose the leaking or crack issue and fix your foundation.

These types of cracks can usually be fixed by $99 Waterproofing using a foundation repair procedure called crack injection. This method fills the cracks with either an epoxy or polyurethane material that provides a permanent seal.

Repairing leaks in concrete block foundations in southeast Michigan can be more involved since the causes for the cracks can be from different sources. For example a blocked weeping tile could be creating hydrostatic pressure that forces the water through the joints or block. If the problem is just aging of the components, a waterproofing solution is required.

Basement leaks are not fun but the team at $99 Waterproofing can give you the fist crack injection repair in southeast Michigan for $99. All of our basement waterproofing specialist have at least 20 years experience. So that you will never have to worry about a job going wrong with $99 Waterproofing.

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