Why Is My Basement Wet in Metro Detroit?

wet basements in Metro DetroitMany people wonder how water enters their basement. Especially if they seem to have a solid, crack free foundation. The truth is, there are a few ways in which water can leak into the basement in Metro Detroit. Obviously, one of the most common places for water to enter is any cracks that may have formed in the floor or walls. Wall cracks and floor cracks in Metro Detroit are common in many homes, as the concrete that makes up the foundation can develop cracks from age, even if the foundation is in good shape.

Another way that water enters the home is the place where the basement walls meet the floor. This is area is very hard to completely seal off. Windows in the basement wall cracks can be a good entry point for water, as they require a break in the surface of the concrete. Water can also seep in over the top of the foundation, especially if the home was built on low ground.

If your home has wet spots after a storm, you should at least get an estimate to find out where it is coming from.  From there, a basement waterproofing specialist can repair any wall cracks or whatever else may be causing the leaks.

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