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Best Ways To Stop Basement Leaks

Stains and a damp-smelling basement may be the best sign that you need basement waterproofing. You need to keep the basement dry and the contents in the basement if your basement gets wet you are in for some major issues of things like mold.

When to think about basement waterproofing?

basement leaks

Basement waterproofing should not be on your long list of things to do to your home. It can be critical to take care of these things before your foundation and basement walls start to swell and leak.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, there are ways to do basement waterproofing as a DIY but we recommend you call out a pro. This can help solve major issues in your basement this type of work needs to be taken urgently and not left to wait.

Having a professional come out and inspect if you need basement waterproofing is ideal because it’s better to not assume and have to deal with leaking walls or basement wall cracks later.

Fix the small issues now in your basement

Fixing the small issues that come up is better than fixing the large issues down the road. You don’t want to be reaching out to a flood damage company in the wake of a huge basement waterproofing issue.

Basement waterproofing is the most experienced part of a basement remodeling project. The largest sign you may need basement waterproofing is an unpleasant smell and dampness in the basement.

Another sign is stains on the basement walls or floor. If your having issues of swelling doors and the appearance of mold or mildew and visible cracks on the walls chances are you need basement waterproofing.

Small cracks where the floor and walls meet are a sign to have the basement walls looked at or your basement looked at as a whole. If you have any cracks you will want to consult a basement professional.

Should you do DIY basement waterproofing?

You can try but most professional waterproofers will tell you that DIY waterproofing will probably not hold up to the water pressure over time. But if you can’t do small repairs there is nothing wrong with calling on a professional for assistants. Know your capabilities when it comes to basement waterproofing repairs.

Waterproofing the inside of a basement wall

You should never try and repair your basement walls with water in your basement. To let you know a basement wall crack can be caused by rain or a flood. You want the power off to the basement and do the repairs on a dry day or when the basement becomes dry.

Applying Hydraulic Cement to your basement wall cracks

You can use Hydraulic cement for minor basement wall cracks. Water will not be able to enter the basement when Hydraulic cement is applied to the holes in the basement walls. The Hydraulic cement is going to any minor leaks. It takes about three to five minutes for the cement to set into the holes.

You can use waterproof paint to seal the holes but the paint should only be applied if it’s the original walls meaning not having painted in the past.

Basement windows can let water in so make sure those are sealed correctly they can be the reason your basement is damp. It’s not a bad idea to see if your basement windows may need some kind of maintenance done.

Proper drain installs for your basement

When you’re doing basement waterproofing you will want to install the proper drainage maybe French drains and a sump pump so that you don’t have flooding in your basement.

Sometimes just having your gutters installed correctly can be the proper solution to your basement waterproofing. Your gutters can get clogged over time and that can cause the water to not properly run/or redirect from your house. Professional waterproofing specialists can determine the cause of the waterproofing issues.

If your looking for a more long-term solution to waterproofing your basement call a licensed basement waterproofing contractor would be best they have experience in exterior waterproofing and drain installs to help keep the water away from your home. We have a basement waterproofing specialist across Michigan to help you out.

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