basement waterproofing macomb MI

6 Important Things For Basement Waterproofing in Macomb Michigan

Do you have a wet basement? We have some great solutions for you to clean up your basement and make it a living space again. We have some great ways to save your basement so it doesn’t leak and fix the holes in your basement walls.

basement waterproofing macomb MI

Here is the start of how to fix your basement waterproofing issues.


  1. Get rid of excess humidity you want it to be as dry as possible
  2. Insulate your pipes – if you need help you can call us at 248-564-564-3188
  3. Insulate your walls to prevent condensation
  4. Install down sprouts that slope away from your house at least 3 feet
  5. You can plug the holes – but we would recommend you calling us
  6. Install a drainage system for your basement


If you need help we are available to come out and estimate the work that needs to be done.


We service the Macomb, Utica, and Clinton TWP area for all your basement waterproofing needs.  Call us anytime at 248-564-3188.

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