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Check Out Your Basement Before Spring Time

If you have a sump pump in your basement you will want to have it checked before the spring rain starts. With all the calendared holidays wrapped up for now you probably haven’t given your basement much of a look lately. The winter and springtime weather put a ton of pressure on your basement walls.

Need Help With Basement Wall Cracks?

Large or small basement wall cracks can cause major damage to a house’s foundation.

Basement waterproofing for winter and spring seasons

basement waterproofing

With the thawing and freezing in the cold parts of the United States, your basement walls are being tormented during the season with pushing and pulling on the walls. Heavy rainfall creates Hydrostatic pressure on your walls and puts pressure on your basement walls.

Dealing with these two things can create wall cracks over time and what wall cracks do is allow water to come into the basement which is never good. By checking your basement walls throughout the season you can catch the minor issues before the major damage can even start.

Check your foundation for cracks

Basement foundation cracks only get worse over time and that’s not all it gets more expensive. You can start by looking for leaks and cracks around your basement some of the leaks will be brown or yellow. If you find small cracks keep an eye on the watch if they get any bigger. For large wall cracks you will want to call a basement waterproofing professional to come out and estimate the damages.

If your basement walls are bowing or wall bulging you may have the starting signs you need a professional to help.  

Check your basement for wall cracks

After it rains you will want to check your basement to see if there is any water or cracks visible. If you have finished the basement look for the wet spots in the carpet or the corners of the basement. A musty smell in the basement most likely means you have water in the basement somewhere.

You can also check the exterior of your home. Check to see if your gutters are clean and not blocking the water in any way. Erosion and water pooling is a sign that there is a waterproofing issue. A local plumber in Michigan can assist in telling you what solutions and issues you may have. We have basement waterproofers across Michigan in areas of Wayne County, Holly, and Utica.

Look at your gutters and sump pump

Your gutters need to be pouring out the rainwater at least three feet from the house if not more.  You can also; check if your sump pump is working correctly or not. The sump pump helps in keeping your basement dry. You should be inspecting it and cleaning it out every six months or so filling the basin with water should operate your sump pump and if it does not you will need a professional to come out and look at it.

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