Basement Waterproofing in Southeast Michigan

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At $99 Waterproofing we believe poured wall crack injection is the most effective and permanent way to waterproof and repair your foundation.

basement wall crack injection southeast MI

Call us today for a free estimate and the first crack injection is going to cost you only $99 when you have two or more cracks. Now that is the best deal you will find for crack injections in Southeast Michigan!

fixed basement wall crack in southeast Mi


When repairing foundation cracks in Southeast Michigan it is important to realize you are not just stopping an annoying puddle on the basement floor, but you are taking a step to improve the integrity of your basement foundation.

$99 Waterproofing knows cracks that leak water allows moisture into your home which can lead to mold problems. That mold can pose health risks for your family. Don’t leave your family at risk Call Now at 844-431-1183.

Even if the crack is not visibly leaking water in your basement, it can still be leaking dangerous soil gases like Radon directly into your home. According to the EPA, Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and a serious health concern for homeowners. Properly injected cracks cannot only stop the water leak, but they can also provide health benefits to the home’s occupants.

The first crack is $99 when you have two or more cracks in your basement walls. If you have any questions about the $99 cracks or tie rod holes call us at 844-431-1183.

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