basement crack repair macomb mi
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Fixing Basement Wall Cracks Around Macomb

When fixing basement wall cracks in Macomb if the crack is 1/4″ or wider AND leaks we view this as a possible “structural concern” and recommend you have a two step crack repair process completed.

 basement crack repair macomb mi

  • First step is to have the crack injected to ensure it does not leak anymore.
  • Second step is to apply a carbon fiber strap along the entire length of the crack to prevent it from opening up any further.  Having this combination repair will ensure you will never have to deal with the crack expanding or leaking again.

If you have a crack in your concrete foundation or basement wall in Macomb Michigan and would like to have it repaired contact us by phone 1-844-995-3257 or you can click here to submit your request via email.

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  1. I would like to get an estimate of how much it will cost to reapir to holes in my basement that leaks water. They have rods in them from what I uniderstand.

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