Make Sure The Exterior of Your Basement in Detroit Stays Dry


exterior waterproofing detroitPlanning on building a new residence in Michigan? If you are building a new home be sure your contractor properly waterproofs your foundation. Poor quality or no waterproofing will cost you thousands of dollars later so spend the time and invest in doing it properly as part of your build. Make sure your foundation is stable with new construction piers.


Make sure your basement stays dry, with our advanced pre construction waterproofing methods. We have multiple choices for new construction that will protect your foundation for years to come.We offer a professional waterproofing staff that will keep your projects safe and secure from water damage.


An interior drainage system is installed around the inside of the basement along the wall, you can capture water at the most common point of entry – the floor/wall joint. This is an effective way to help solve wet basement problems in the Metro Detroit and northern Michigan. You can also capture water from the walls and prevent the center of the basement floor from leaking by intercepting the water at the perimeter of the floor before it gets to the center.

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