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Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Your Home From Flooding

With snow this past winter and summer areas it is the worst that some homeowners have seen in the last couple of years there are a few things that you can do to help your home foundation in Michigan and keep snow water out of your basement and away from your house.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Need help with water around the foundation of your home?

Remove snow or debris water from your foundation


You want to remove any snow or water that is close to your basement foundation or basement windows. Water too close to your basement walls or windows conceived through cracks makes them damage your home’s foundation and make your basement damp.

Make sure your downspouts are properly positioned

You want to clear your downspouts from any blockages and if the downspouts are not at least three feet found your foundation you will want to extend it to three feet.

Check your gutters and roof

You will want to check your gutters and your roof make sure that your gutters are clogged free so that the rainwater or any water can freely flow through your gutters and away from your home’s foundation you also want to be considerate of your neighbors so that you don’t puddle water in your neighbor’s yard either.

Keep your catch basins clear

Make sure that your basins and debris are free of any drain drains because if they get clogged you could be having drainages issues soon and may need to call a plumber nearby.

You can get a basement waterproofing contractor in areas of Detroit, Holly, and Lake Orion Michigan to help in protecting your basement from flooding. If you notice any puddles or small wall cracks in your basement you need to have the home inspected before any future damages may start.

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