Water Damage

Need Help With Emergency Water Damage or Waterproofing?

Get connected to the local professionals.

If water damage happens

Water damage happens all the time and the best way to get an expert’s help is to call us. We provide the best water damage protection in Macomb Michigan.

For emergency water damage restoration and repair you can call us now. 844-630-0507.

99Dollarwaterproofing.com provides advanced and effective services to find and remove mold in Macomb Michigan. Simply cleaning an area to kill mold is not sufficient to ensure that it has been neutralized; mold removal is the only effective solution.

99Dollarwaterprooging.com’s mold remediation team has the proper equipment and expertise necessary to remove even the most extreme cases of mold.

Get water damage protection

Call us today to get the proper water damage protection you need for your house. Mold is nothing to mess around with and you need professionals to take care of it for you.

We have the tools to help you repair your water damage in Macomb Michigan. Keeping mold out of your house is what we do and we want to help you protect your biggest investment.

Water damageIf you have experienced flooding or water damage in your basement you can call us for restoration service 844-630-0507.

Water damage is nothing to take lightly it can leave serious damage to your home’s foundation and make the home unsafe plus mold can grow fast in corners taking care of these things can improve your air quality in the home.


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