Wet Basements in Metro Detroit Are Unacceptable


wet basement metro detroitWith today’s real estate market in Metro Detroit, every square foot of your home is valuable space that must be kept in usable condition.  What’s more is that if you’re looking to sell your home and you have a basement water problem in Metro Detroit, you MUST disclose that fact.

A growing number of home buyers, mortgage and loan institutions, and real estate companies refuse to waste time and money in homes that have a leaky or wet basements in Metro Detroit.

Basement waterproofing solutions from $99 Waterproofing means a wet basement from damp floors and walls to rotting carpet and woodwork — no longer have to be tolerated.

We are Metro Detroit’s trusted basement water proofing services to eliminating basement seepage problems efficiently and permanently.

We proudly stamp our name on every job we do. When your basement displays our mark, you can build, remodel and sell with confidence.

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