Concrete Foundation Repair Services

Did you know that poured foundations are still one of the most durable and most common types of foundations to support a house or building?

Concrete foundation repair service

Common foundation cracks

concrete foundation repair servicesDon’t let a poured concrete foundation fool you through they can still have problems even though they are durable and strong. The most common for concrete foundations are cracks that leak water into the basement or crawl space. You can do a crack injection which is part of crack repair in basement walls.

There a lot that determines a cracked concrete foundation the foundation itself, the soil, concrete foundation cracks actually can help on how the concrete was poured. Cracks under 1/8 in are expected and considered to be normal. But watch these types of cracks because they can still let water into your basement or crawl space.

You should still get foundation repair services out to fix the cracks just to be safe. If there is a crack of any kind over time they will start to leak not now but later. So it’s best to take care of the concrete foundation cracks when they are small.

It’s actually easier to spot a foundation crack in an unfinished basement because the walls are bare and you can see where cracks are starting to form. Finished basements are as easy most of the time you will have to look at the exterior of the building. Foundation cracks start at the bottom of the foundation and work their way up. They are predictable so watch for them.

How to repair a foundation crack or concrete crack

If you have the ability to go into the basement or crawl space a urethane crack injection is a preferred method because it has a long success rate and is usually low in cost. The urethane crack injection expands to cover the entire crack and once cured it is flexible with the elements.

Now if your basement is finished or crawl space is finished you may have two options there is a clay application that works very well or a waterproof membrane that can be applied.

Just know if your foundation is slopping or doors and windows are giving you issues concrete foundation repairs can help. Below are some of the foundation type work we do.

No matter how bad your foundation is we will have a foundation repair solution for you. You can call us today for estimates, 833-839-3978.

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