Concrete Crack Repair and Replace

Are you looking to have your concrete repaired because of chips, cracks, or sinking? Let us fill your concrete cracks today.

Concrete repairs can be simple and a homeowner can do it in one day with the correct sealant. But the going rate to have a concrete repair service nearby is going to run you about $300 to fix minor cracks in let’s say your driveway.

Concrete contractors for services

If the crack is larger than 1/8 inch you may want a professional concrete contractor nearby. We can help you get connected to a local Michigan concrete repair service to help with minor or major concrete projects from driveways to patios, or walkways.

Cracks can happen from the foundation walls of your basement to the outdoor portion of your basement and much more. Not attending to it within a day or two can create major expensive repairs that sealants won’t do much for.

Concrete can do a lot over time in which it can crack, sink, or become uneven which will become a hazard for most. Most concrete repairs to let’s say driveways won’t break the bank but you will want to stay on top of any cracked or uneven concrete you have on the outside of your home as it can cause damage down the road.

Concrete repairs are needed sometimes

concrete repair

All concrete repair projects should be looked at as to what will cost. Does the concrete need repair or should you replace it. Now this will be dependent on what is affordable for you. Do you want to repair or replace a concrete cracked driveway? And what will the cost be?

Fixing concrete driveway cracks can cost you a little bit and is easy to fix if you want to do minor repairs. Larger concrete cracks can mean more of a structural issue is going on and you will want to hire a local concrete professional in Michigan to come out.

You can patch up the holes yourself with kits but if you have a deeper issue you will want to call out a concrete service near you in Michigan. You can get the patching kits for around $10-$30 at the local hardware store but you can also get it diagnosed from a local pro.

Sealing concrete driveways

You can seal your driveway or concrete for about 10 cents per square foot. With the average size of a driveway about 640 square feet, you’re looking at a price of $60 to $100 to seal the concrete driveway. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to install a new concrete driveway than to have the concrete repaired.

Types of concrete leveling

Lastly, you can level uneven or sunken concrete by pumping sand, foam, or dirt under the concrete slab. The average cost of concrete leveling is around $950.

There are different types of repairs for this type of work such as:

  1. Mud Jacking
  2. Sand Jacking
  3. Foam Jacking

If it’s in your budget the best way to level out your concrete is to do foam jacking. Because it responds well to load-bearing concrete but you can always talk with a local concrete specialist near you. We currently have concrete services all over Michigan. We even work on repairing concrete foundations if you are looking for that type of work.

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