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Will Tuckpointing Fix Your Damp Basement?

Foundation Repair Services?

Is your basement damp or wet? We can help you with a local basement waterproofing service or foundation service to inspect the issues.

If your home or office foundation is Brick It’s an important part of your structure. It is important to keep your brick and mortar in good condition. But your basement can present a bit of a challenge, especially if you live in Michigan. if you have below grade brick they can be subject to harsher conditions causing mortar cracks which are all around bad for your basement walls.

Why are you should do Tuckpointing for your home?

That’s why you should look in the Tuckpointing. Tuckpointing replaces damaged, or deteriorating mortar between your bricks. A professional, proper Tuckpointing job can last for decades on a building. This is all depending on the craftsmanship quality and if the correct material was used.

Brick is considered a porous material so it absorbs water with foundations, wet earth and or water sitting against the brick it can allow for the brick to shrink or swell making them become loose. 

Traditional lime mortar is quite weather resistant but it can also fail if water gets between the motor and the brick.

Since brick is always wicking water It is not unexpected for a basement to be damp. basements can  have too much moisture. There can be a problem with the brick and mortar and it’s not always a foundation issue. Brick and mortar problems above grade can all for water to penetrate into your basement. Therefore, it’s important to have a tuckpointing  professional or a basement waterproofing contractor come out and inspect the source of excessive dampness and give you options for repairs.

Get the basement dampness assessed 

Once the problem is assessed a professional Tuckpointing, expert or basement. Waterproofing contractor near you can fix the mortar and damaged basement walls. Some basement waterproofing professionals will advise you to have a dehumidifier to resolve the dampness in your basement.

If you notice any water, running down the walls or pooling in your basement, you should call a basement waterproofing, professional near you as a scam in emergency. Many chimneys  have openings in the basement and water collects there. A crumbling chimney in the Detroit MI area should not be ignored and should be fixed immediately if the walls and floor are wet. 

Foundation repairs for the basement

Tuckpointing will not compromise your basement

Tuckpointing will not significantly compromise your basement when the issues arise from above. This type of water damage may involve a foundation specialist near you in Michigan who can take care of the drainage issues for you and install French drains in your basement. Plus restore structural stability and take care of exterior waterproofing treatments. It takes skill to make sure you don’t damage the brick plus you might need foundation application from a local foundation contractor in Michigan that can install the proper water diversion system to correct your issues

A local waterproofing specialist or foundation specialist should be able to advise you the proper methods and options. Available to fixing a damp basement. 

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