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Finding Foundation Cracks in Michigan

Foundation cracks in MichiganOne of the first noticeable signs on your home that you are in need of foundation crack repair in Michigan is when you see cracks in your walls and your foundation. Some cracks can be harmless, but most of the time they are telling you that you need to get your foundation problem under control. Some of the signs that you need foundation crack repair in Michigan would be; vertical, diagonal, horizontal, or stair step cracks or a bowed basement wall. These are signs of foundation settlement in Michigan.

This occurs when the soil conditions underneath your home are unstable. They can be undergoing shrinking or expanding which causes the ground stress and allows your home to sink down into the soil. For all of your foundation repair needs in Michigan, look no further. We are your service providers for Metro Detroit Michigan.

Vertical Cracks in Michigan are most often caused by the shrinkage of the concrete. However it may occur from damage from the home caused by foundation settlement. These sort of foundation cracks are a simple repair job and it can be normally fixed within a day. However, diagonal cracks can grow over time and cause further damage to the foundation if they are not immediately fixed. Simple injection techniques are not the appropriate solution for diagonal cracks. They need to be stabilized to prevent them from expanding and getting larger.

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