Basement waterproofing in Michigan

How You Can Fix Basement Water Leaks

Basement wall cracks can really create a problem if you don’t watch it and take care of it. Hairline cracks in your basement aren’t good especially if have water leaking in your basement.

Foundation repair services

How complicated is foundation crack repairs

The process of fixing a basement wall crack can be complicated if you don’t know what your doing and you should call a foundation repair specialist.

First you want to strip away the drywall of the wall crack. You want to epoxy the ports so you can do an injection. The injection is a urethane resin you want to inject them via the ports the epoxy is there so the resin doesn’t flow back out. The resin will fill the cracks full.

If your doing the crack repair yourself you might be doing more work but it you hire a repair expert the project should only take about two hours or so.

Basement waterproofing isn’t cheap but it’s worth it when you have leaks and water that’s coming into the basement.

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The cheapest way to fix foundation or basement wall cracks

 foundation repair servicesHiring a waterproofing expert is the cheapest way to get your basement wall leaks repair even concrete walls. Basement cracks should be taken care of within days.

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