basement leaks trenton mi
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Facing Leaky Basement Issues in Trenton Michigan

As a home owner you can be faced with many issues in your basement. The most common challenge for basements is moisture and leaks in Trenton Michigan. But 99 Dollar Waterproofing has you covered with the best service and prices for Trenton Michigan residents.basement leaks trenton mi

Basement Window Leaks Basement windows are great for letting natural light into subterranean space, but what if they also let in water? The culprit could be your gutters and holes in the basement. Wouldn’t you like to speak with an expert to help you identify what and where the leak is coming from?

You can schedule with us and have an expert come out and fix your basement leaks in Trenton Michigan for as low as $99. The number is 844-995-3257.

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