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Leaking Basement Repair Detroit

waterproofing michigan
Waterproofing a wet or damp basement is not a do-it-yourself project, you need to have a professional in Michigan. It involves a specialized knowledge of why basements leak and of the various methods of repair. Fortunately, we’ve dried thousands of damp, wet basements, and have the skill, knowledge, and experience to make your wet basement a drier, healthier, and usable space. $99 Waterproofing knows how to fix a leaky damp basement, mold and mildew in the basement, and keep the basement dry all the time. Call us today or sign up for a Free Estimate.


Your basement is a hole in the ground surrounded by a porous concrete material with cracks, holes, and joints in it. If this porous space of loose soil around your foundation is filled with water during a rain, it will cause hydrostatic pressure to push the water into your basement. The water will enter the basement through the walls, floors, and joints between them.

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