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Leaky Basements Require Seals in Metro Detroit

basement foundation crack repairA good portion of  leaky and wet basement repairs require sealing basement foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundations. Splits are readily noticeable in an unfinished basement; leaking cracks leave water stains on the foundation wall. Inside a finished basement, the diagnosis begins by identifying the region where water first enters the basement, after that searching the exterior for a crack.

Most cracks extend reach the top of the foundation wall in homes, which is normally exposed above the dirt line.  We handle these problems to prevent the problems related to wet and leaky basements in Metro Detroit. Our repair and sump pump service is the only way to take care of a flooded basement in Michigan.

Another typical leaky basement waterproofing problem is whenever the source of seepage is at the cove joint, floor and wall meet.

Often this really is caused by hydrostatic pressure, which occurs when the water table increases after prolonged rain or snow melt. The accrued weight of water in the ground (8 pounds per gallon) causes water underneath the ground and up into the basement resulting in the damp, wet and leaky basement in Metro Detroit.

The best answer to this type of issue is the installation of a Drain Tile System, with a sump pump used to eliminate the water. The drain tile eliminates the hydrostatic pressure by providing an easy path for the water to escape, thus reducing the water pressure so that the seepage problem in Metro Detroit disappears altogether. The condition can be addressed from either the interior or exterior.

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