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Southeast Basement Waterproofing Experts

basement waterproofing southeast michiganIf you’re looking for a waterproofing contractor, you should get in touch with $99 Waterproofing. We’ve been keeping South East Michigan homes dry, comfortable and safe for many years. Our basement waterproofing company is a licensed and competent contractor that specializes in basement waterproofing in Southeast Michigan.

99 crack redSome possible examples of basement waterproofing systems and methods such as:

  • Self-Draining Sump Pump
  • Moisture Barriers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Much More!

Basements are naturally vulnerable to water troubles and water damage. Basement leaks could happen for a number of reasons, from increased rain to melting snow to a hot water heater break or sewer line/drain backup. Whatever the reason, preventing and handling water inside your basement through the help of waterproofing contractors  in southeast Michigan is an essential part of great home maintenance in southeast Michigan.

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