Lake Orion MI basement waterproofing

Don’t Sit On A Wet Basement in St Clair, Michigan

Is your basement a mess in St.Clair because of the water your block walls are letting in? If there is water in your basement, you have come to the right place to hire a pro!

St Clair basement waterproofingWe not only have the St. Clair Basement waterproofing Pro, but we have the knowledge to make sure your basement never leaks again.

You can fill out the form below or call us now to speak with a specialist to set up an appointment. Water in your basement, if not treated correctly can cause mold, and no one wants mold.

And with it being rain in St.Clair Michigan you never know what you could wake up to in your basement the next day.

A lot of homeowners in Michigan love their basement, as a second living area and we want to keep it like that. Don’t let the damages in your basement stack up to the thousands call us now or the form is below to get started.

We make it our jobs to have every Michigan Basement dry and keep it like that. Calling us can help you save money in the future and it could help you save your home too.

The average price for basement waterproofing in Michigan is around $2,500. But that’s only if you let it sit for a couple months.

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