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Basement Waterproofing

Our foundation experts can assist residential and commercial owners with solutions for cracking, bowing, and failing basement walls also known as foundation problems. Our experienced foundation experts or contractors are insured and trained for a long time on fixing any types of foundation problems that will mess with the structure of your home. If you […]

Make The Basement Waterproofing Project Worth Your While in Washington Michigan


Your basement may have a certain smell from over the years. And if that is the case you will want to call a basement waterproofing specialist because you have a leak downstairs.

Don’t Temporarily Fix The Basement Leak in Canton Michigan

basement waterproofing canton

Sealing leaks in your basement and attic will help keep the water out. Basement waterproofing can be tricky, so the option that we suggest is to call us at 844-995-3257. 

Trenton MI Wet Basement Inspection

wet basement trenton mi

Does your basement smell? No, its a serious question because if it does you may have a leak that you are unaware of and we get calls all the time at 99 dollar waterproofing about basement crack leaks.

Wet Basement in Trenton Michigan

foundation wall crack repair in Michigan

For homeowners, a wet basements in Trenton MI is a major problem. Water in the basement can cause damage to carpets, woodwork, drywall, or stored items. As a homeowner you want to make sure that your home is safe and 99 Dollar Waterproofing can do just that by making sure that your home stays dry.

Superior Basement Waterproofing Services Trenton Michigan

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At 99 Dollar Waterproofing we specialize in providing effective permanent waterproofing solutions for your home. Prevent basement leaks or flooding with crack repair, waterproofing, weeping tile, sump pump installation services that can be all done by 99 Dollar Waterproofing.

Basement Leaking Issues in Woodhaven Michigan

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Before you say yes to your dream house you should have it looked over for any kind of leaks or water issues. The last thing you want is for any pipes in the house to burst and you have a flood in your home.

Keep Your Basement Healthy With Southeast MI Waterproofing

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99 Dollar Waterproofing has been the leader in waterproofing, foundation repair, and indoor air quality for the last few years in southeast Michigan. Many homeowners say that it was worth what it cost them to have that done because here again was an issue that most people don’t know how to fix.

Local Macomb Michigan Basement Leak Contractor

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With all the heavy rain we have had there are a lot of people with leaky basements. We have gotten numerous phone calls for cracks in the basement. 

Keep Your Basement Dry in MI

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Prevent mold in basements and other humidity problems. 99 Dollar Waterproofing can help you maintain a dry basement in MI with a whole-home dehumidifier.