Cracked or Leaking Basements in Michigan

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With the cold weather coming in and we are close to October right now is the prime time to see if you need any crack injections for a leaky basement in Michigan. 

Stop The Basement Dripping in Michigan

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When your home is dripping from the walls of the basement you might be dealing with a leaky basement in Michigan and 99 dollar waterproofing can help you out with that and the best thing about is that we don’t have to dig to get at the problem in most cases.

Basement Leak Options in Southeast Michigan

basement leaks in southeast michigan

Is your basement leaking we are the solution for all your basement leaking needs in Michigan. Basement waterproofing can stop water damage. We are the best at basement waterproofing and fixing basement leaks through out Michigan.

Crack Injections For Your Home in Southeast Michigan

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The biggest issue that a home builder comes across is a wet basement, and no you don’t need a plumber for a wet basement is southeast Michigan. You need to call 99 dollar waterproofing because they will stop the water from seeping into your basement.

The Question You Should Ask Yourself For Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan


If you discover a water leak in your basement coming from a crack, you will want to call $99 Waterproofing. We are creating a new standard for basement waterproofing in southeast Michigan. 

Epoxy Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan


At $99 Waterproofing epoxy crack injection is known as concrete welding. The bond that epoxy creates becomes stronger than the basement walls themselves.

Water Problems Cause Foundation Issues in Southeast Michigan


Water problems are the main cause for foundation problems. Knowing the cause of water leaks will lead to the solutions needed to waterproofing your home with the help of $99 Waterproofing. They can determine if it is an interior or exterior problem.

Keeping Your Basement Dry in Southeast Michigan


From poured concrete foundations to monolithic, stone, block or tile basement walls, no basement is safe from water leaking in southeast Michigan through the basement walls, floor, and floor joist and then entering into your home.

Basement Tie Rod Hole Repair Southeast Michigan


All buildings regardless of age are subject to cracking in the foundation. But $99 Waterproofing can help with setting the new standard for foundation crack repair in southeast Michigan.

Fixing Your Foundation With Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan


While small cracks in poured concrete foundations are common an usually not a problem in the beginning, even the smallest crack can begin to widen and allow a path for water to enter into the home. $99 Waterproofing can diagnose the leaking or crack issue and fix your foundation.