Save Your Basement This Winter From Wall Leaks

Lake Orion MI basement waterproofing

We know its going to to get wet outside with the snow . We want to make sure that the wet snow stays outside and not in your basement. And if you have a finished basement you don’t need wet spots on your walls.

Trenton MI Wet Basement Inspection

wet basement trenton mi

Does your basement smell? No, its a serious question because if it does you may have a leak that you are unaware of and we get calls all the time at 99 dollar waterproofing about basement crack leaks.

Wet Basement in Trenton Michigan

foundation wall crack repair in Michigan

For homeowners, a wet basements in Trenton MI is a major problem. Water in the basement can cause damage to carpets, woodwork, drywall, or stored items. As a homeowner you want to make sure that your home is safe and 99 Dollar Waterproofing can do just that by making sure that your home stays dry.

Protecting Leaky Basements in Macomb Michigan

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99 Dollar Waterproofing provides leaky basement repair solutions for locations all over Macomb Michigan. We are the #1 waterproofing company in Macomb when it comes to fixing water in the basement.

Local Macomb Michigan Basement Leak Contractor

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With all the heavy rain we have had there are a lot of people with leaky basements. We have gotten numerous phone calls for cracks in the basement. 

Michigan Leaky Basement Repair Costs

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In your basement does water leak through your walls? There are thousands of reasons why your basement leaks and 99 dollar waterproofing is here to help you find cost effective ways to repair it in Michigan.

Fix Your Leaky Basement Before Future Flooding in Michigan

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If water does enter the basement, Call a water proofing company in southeast Michigan that can try to determine what needs to be done to prevent future flooding.

Basement Leak Repair For Southeast Michigan

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Basement waterproofing can save you on energy costs. You want to make sure that your basement is taken care of and 99 dollar waterproofing can do just that with basement leak repair in Michigan.

No Leaks in The Basement in Michigan

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We work all over southeast Michigan doing basement leak repair for cheap. 99 dollar waterproofing has crews out daily working on residential and commercial waterproofing projects. 

Leaky Basement Repair in Michigan With A Lifetime Warranty

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Yes, we serve southeast, MI! For a FREE no-obligation basement waterproofing or leaky basement repair estimate in southeast MI. We believe in giving someone a far price and giving a lifetime warranty.