Don’t Let Your Basement Foundation Crack Anymore in Macomb MI – Basement Waterproofing For Macomb Michigan

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Is your basement falling apart because of the water your foundation is letting in? Don’t let it in anymore. You know there are multiple solutions for basement waterproofing in Macomb.

The Question You Should Ask Yourself For Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan


If you discover a water leak in your basement coming from a crack, you will want to call $99 Waterproofing. We are creating a new standard for basement waterproofing in southeast Michigan. 

Reliable Crack injection For Southeast Michigan

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Basement wall leaking in southeast Michigan? Are you sick and tired of your Wet Basement from those leaky cracks in your foundation? Basement waterproofing doesn’t have to break the bank. Now there is a way to stop basement leaks forever with a two part polyurethane epoxy foam injection process that fills the crack all the way through the […]

Repairing Basement Leaks in Southeast Michigan


Basements are often associated with leaks in southeast Michigan, water damage, and mold problems – and rightly so. If moisture issues have caused your basement to become a constant source of stress, consider calling in a professional waterproofer.

Cracked Foundations in Southeast Michigan


Cracks in foundation walls in southeast Michigan can unnerve even the savviest homeowners.  The fact is – concrete cracks.  Most cracks are common shrinkage cracks that occur as the concrete cures.  These cracks are typically vertical and usually less than 1/16″ wide.  We also see many structural or settlement cracks.