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The Question You Should Ask Yourself For Crack Injections in Southeast Michigan

If you discover a water leak in your basement coming from a crack, you will want to call $99 Waterproofing. We are creating a new standard for basement waterproofing in southeast Michigan. 

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Using Michigan’s Best Waterproofing Products

$99 Waterproofing specializes in foundation repair, water management, in the southeast Michigan area including Metro Detroit.

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Michigan Local Foundation Repair

$99 Waterproofing  is a local foundation company that is based in Michigan, providing basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation repair services and products to both homes and businesses.

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Cracked Foundation in Michigan

A crack in a foundation in Michigan does not have to create a structural problem to be trouble! Aside from being unattractive, cracks in your basement floor, walls, and foundation are no easy feat to fix. If not repaired properly or in a timely manner, even thin hairline cracks in Michigan can grow creating further…

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Leaky Basements Require Seals in Metro Detroit

A good portion of  leaky and wet basement repairs require sealing basement foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundations. Splits are readily noticeable in an unfinished basement; leaking cracks leave water stains on the foundation wall. Inside a finished basement, the diagnosis begins by identifying the region where water first enters the basement, after that…