Prevent Basement Leaks in Michigan

leaks in basement

With 99 dollar waterproofing we know how to prevent and fix basement leaks and solve 99 percent of wet basement blues. These waterproofing improvements are inexpensive and can usually save you time and money.

Leaking Basements in Michigan

basement leaks in mi

Many times people will ask us. what to do about puddles or small leaks in their basement foundation wall. Often times the leak is outside rain water that seeps in to the basement.

Leaks Can Cause Long Term Damage To Your Home in Michigan


The last thing you want is for the basement of your Metro Detroit home to have moisture, mold and flooding problems come those hot, damp summer months. If your basement isn’t properly prepared and waterproofed, you’ll be running the risk of mold and mildew buildup, cracks in your foundation in Michigan and wall leaks that could […]

Preventing Home Water Damage


People love to be around water during the summer.  However, you do not want to be around pools of water in your home.  Water in your home can damage hardwood floors, wood support beams, drywall, and all personal belongings you may store in your basement. 

Basement Leak Sources in Michigan


Water has the potential to cause more damage than anything else to your home. Without basement waterproofing, even relatively minor basement leaks in Michigan can cause thousands of dollars to repair and clean up. $99 Waterproofing is here to help you prevent such a nightmare or if it has already happened to fix it right so […]