Stop The Basement Dripping in Michigan

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When your home is dripping from the walls of the basement you might be dealing with a leaky basement in Michigan and 99 dollar waterproofing can help you out with that and the best thing about is that we don’t have to dig to get at the problem in most cases.

Fix Your Basement Leaks For $99 in Michigan

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Your dealing with a basement leak and you want to know how to fix it? Its easy call us at 1-844-995-3257. We can cover any basement leak that you may have in Michigan.

Leaky Basements in Michigan


If you have any basement leaks or cracks we can help you out. The most common problem with basements is that they do crack and end up leaking down the road. But with our help and expertise, we can stop the leak for life.

Fixing Basement Leaks in Michigan

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At 99 Dollar waterproofing we believe in keeping the water and rain  where it belongs, and that is out of your basement. Many waterproofing companies in Michigan say they will take care of your basement leaks but they just patch the problem.

Best Basement Leak Specialists in Michigan

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99 Dollar Waterproofing isn’t your typical company of contractors, we make the search for a responsible and trustworthy basement water, foundation repair and crawl space repair contractor easy.