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Water Damage Repair Guidelines in Michigan

    Oftentimes, a house will see water damage in Michigan from internal sources. For instance, a burst pipe can trigger substantial damage, especially if it is on an upper floor and is triggering flooding that can go from the ceiling of the top floor to the room below. When an accident happens on a lower level,…

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Finding The Problem of Water Damage in Michigan

A roofing system leak is hardly ever evidenced straight beneath the issue area. Normally leakages travel down rafters and beams and are made apparent in a completely different area. Our water damage experts in Michigan will find the precise area causing the problem, do something about it to clean up and dry up any seeping water and take…

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Preventing Home Water Damage

People love to be around water during the summer.  However, you do not want to be around pools of water in your home.  Water in your home can damage hardwood floors, wood support beams, drywall, and all personal belongings you may store in your basement.