Check Out Your Basement Before Spring Time

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If you have a sump pump in your basement you will want to have it checked before the spring rain starts. With all the calendared holidays wrapped up for now you probably haven’t given your basement much of a look lately. The winter and springtime weather put a ton of pressure on your basement walls.

Battle Creek Basement Waterproofing Services


Protect Your Home When It Floods


When it rains it can flood and be prepared for it would be best. Water damage can create major property damage. Properties damages can get expensive make sure you have the right insurance coverage.

5 Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing


Most homeowners love their basement but the sad truth is that a lot of people forget about it and don’t maintain them well or at all. But did you know that your basement is one of the most important parts of your home? Yes, it needs to be well maintained to keep the integrity of […]

How You Can Fix Basement Water Leaks

Basement waterproofing in Michigan

Basement wall cracks can really create a problem if you don’t watch it and take care of it. Hairline cracks in your basement aren’t good especially if have water leaking in your basement.

The Risk of A Wet Basement in Macomb Michigan

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Your basement might need some help with the rain that we have had in Macomb Michigan and we are just the guys to help you out with all your basement waterproofing needs.

When Your Basement Leaks A Little in Macomb Michigan

wet and leaky basement recsue in macomb mi

Yes, with the rainy season here your basement might leak a little in Macomb Michigan. 

Leaky Basement Solution in Southeast Michigan

leaky basement solution mi

As basement waterproofing contractors in Michigan, we offer wet basement waterproofing, with the wet basement waterproofing we offer a lifetime warranty.

Basement Floods Through Cracks

basement leaks through cracks in mi

While basement flooding is most common through the joint where the foundation wall meets the floor, it’s also common for water to leak in through cracks in your basement walls.

Crack Injections For Your Home in Southeast Michigan

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The biggest issue that a home builder comes across is a wet basement, and no you don’t need a plumber for a wet basement is southeast Michigan. You need to call 99 dollar waterproofing because they will stop the water from seeping into your basement.