6 Important Things For Basement Waterproofing in Macomb Michigan

basement waterproofing macomb MI

Do you have a wet basement? We have some great solutions for you to clean up your basement and make it a living space again. We have some great ways to save your basement so it doesn’t leak and fix the holes in your basement walls.

Cheap Waterproofers in Michigan


$99 Waterproofing offers comprehensive  waterproofing and inspection services. More often than not, we’re called out to examine a building only after an obvious leak has been identified. Usually there are detectable issues that could have been addressed before the leak materialized, preventing most if not all of the damage.

Easy Way To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement in Michigan

basement wall crack repair in Michigan

  Many homes get water in their basements after a storm in Michigan.  While there could be several reasons why your basement leaks, there is one simple step to limit the water that gets into your basement.  Roof gutters help to displace rain water away from your home.  Without roof gutters, rain water or melted […]