Crack Injection Specialist Repairs in Southeast Michigan

basement waterproofing southeast michigan

Many homeowners in Southeast Michigan may be tempted to use caulk or hydraulic cement to patch concrete cracks in their house. It would be much cheaper if you talked to a Michigan, they can go to the trouble of a structural excavation repair. 

Foundation Repair Jobs in Southeast Michigan


The concrete pressed piling is probably the most widely used foundation repair pier in the southeast Michigan area and was specifically designed for the expansive clay soils that are common to this area. Talk to a foundation specialist in southeast Michigan regarding this type of foundation repair.

Crack Injection in Michigan


Are you sick and tired of those leaky cracks in your basement walls in Michigan? Now there is a way to stop them forever and assure your basement waterproofing with a two part polyurethane foam process that fills the crack all the way through the entire width of your foundation, keeping your basement dry and […]