Basement Crack Injection Process For Southeast Michigan

cracks in basement walls southeast mi

A lot of homeowners have questions about the basement crack injection process in southeast Michigan. To fix these wall cracks you may want to talk to a basement crack specialist, $99 waterproofing will inject a liquid urethane material into the cracks which will permanently seal them so that no water can seep inside your home. That’s really […]

Crack Injection Specialist Repairs in Southeast Michigan

basement waterproofing southeast michigan

Many homeowners in Southeast Michigan may be tempted to use caulk or hydraulic cement to patch concrete cracks in their house. It would be much cheaper if you talked to a Michigan, they can go to the trouble of a structural excavation repair. 

Reliable Crack injection For Southeast Michigan

crack injection southeast Michigan

Basement wall leaking in southeast Michigan? Are you sick and tired of your Wet Basement from those leaky cracks in your foundation? Basement waterproofing doesn’t have to break the bank. Now there is a way to stop basement leaks forever with a two part polyurethane epoxy foam injection process that fills the crack all the way through the […]

Southeast Michigan Foundation Repair


Foundation repair in southeast Michigan is necessary when concrete floors have areas of sunken or buckled concrete which are due to the effects of settling, expansion/contraction due to weather changes, stress cracking, erosion damage, etc.

Foundation Repair Jobs in Southeast Michigan


The concrete pressed piling is probably the most widely used foundation repair pier in the southeast Michigan area and was specifically designed for the expansive clay soils that are common to this area. Talk to a foundation specialist in southeast Michigan regarding this type of foundation repair.