Waterproofing in Gibraltar Michigan

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For a FREE no-obligation basement waterproofing or crawl space repair estimate in Gibraltar Michigan, please fill out the form to the right and a $99 Waterproofing specialist will contact you shortly.

Basement Leaking Issues in Woodhaven Michigan

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Before you say yes to your dream house you should have it looked over for any kind of leaks or water issues. The last thing you want is for any pipes in the house to burst and you have a flood in your home.

Keeping Your Basement Dry For $99 in Southeast Michigan

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The first step in avoiding a flooded basement in southeast Michigan is to make it difficult for water to enter. This is where our wet basement repair experts in southeast Michigan come in.

Michigan Leaky Basement Repair Costs

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In your basement does water leak through your walls? There are thousands of reasons why your basement leaks and 99 dollar waterproofing is here to help you find cost effective ways to repair it in Michigan.

Basement Leak Repair For Southeast Michigan

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Basement waterproofing can save you on energy costs. You want to make sure that your basement is taken care of and 99 dollar waterproofing can do just that with basement leak repair in Michigan.

No Leaks in The Basement in Michigan

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We work all over southeast Michigan doing basement leak repair for cheap. 99 dollar waterproofing has crews out daily working on residential and commercial waterproofing projects. 

Leaky Basement Repair in Michigan With A Lifetime Warranty

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Yes, we serve southeast, MI! For a FREE no-obligation basement waterproofing or leaky basement repair estimate in southeast MI. We believe in giving someone a far price and giving a lifetime warranty.

Leaky Basement Solution in Southeast Michigan

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As basement waterproofing contractors in Michigan, we offer wet basement waterproofing, with the wet basement waterproofing we offer a lifetime warranty.

Cracked or Leaking Basements in Michigan

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With the cold weather coming in and we are close to October right now is the prime time to see if you need any crack injections for a leaky basement in Michigan. 

Fixing Basement Wall Cracks in Michigan

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99 Dollar Waterproofing firmly believes it’s the water invisible to the naked eye that destroys a basement. Underground water easily breaks the wall down and makes them weak. But did you know that 99 Dollar Waterproofing has the experience to fix basement wall cracks in southeast Michigan.