Wet Basement Prevention Specialists in Southgate Michigan

wet basement prevention in southgate mi

Water is an amazing force. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing in nature, but when it’s in your home, the damage it can do is unbelievable. That is why you need a professional to help you keep the water out of your basement we know that your home is very important to you and we […]

Experienced Waterproofing Contractors in Southgate Michigan

leaky basement southgate mi

There are several types of basement waterproofing systems available in Southgate Michigan and it depends on the situation a home-owner is facing to decide on the one to use. At 99 Dollar Waterproofing we can recommend to you the best option to keep water out of your basement.

Fix Your Leaky Basement Before Future Flooding in Michigan

leaky basement fix mi

If water does enter the basement, Call a water proofing company in southeast Michigan that can try to determine what needs to be done to prevent future flooding.

Leaky Basement Solutions in Macomb Michigan

wet basements in Michigan

With all the rain we have seen in Macomb Michigan, water seeping into the basement is a fear many homeowners dismay about. 

Solve All Your Basement Flooding Issues With Waterproofing in Southeast Michigan


Properly waterproofing a basement in southeast Michigan with $99 Waterproofing will lessen the risk of damage caused by moisture or water.  Homeowners will want to be aware of what they can do to keep their basements dry in southeast Michigan and safe from water damage. 

Stop Your Basement From Leaking in Southeast Michigan


When your basement is leaking in southeast Michigan. You have several options to correct this problem.

Take Care Of Your Wet Basement in Southeast Michigan For $99


There are really only two options available to solve wet basement problems in southeast Michigan: interior or exterior. Interior work utilizes drainage inside your basement to control the water that is entering and directs it to a sump pump.