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Keeping Your Basement Dry in Southeast Michigan After Rain

While nothing is quite as frustrating as dealing with a wet basement after a rain storm in southeast Michigan. Water can damage your foundation walls and flooring and ruin irreplaceable things like photo albums and family heirlooms.

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Keeping Your Basement Dry in Southeast Michigan

From poured concrete foundations to monolithic, stone, block or tile basement walls, no basement is safe from water leaking in southeast Michigan through the basement walls, floor, and floor joist and then entering into your home.

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Water Damage Is The Worst For Your Basement in Southeast Michigan

Flood and water damage are one of the worst things that can occur in your property. Not only are you often forced by these circumstances to relocate, but also many of your possessions may be lost to the issues in flooding.

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Finding The Problem of Water Damage in Michigan

A roofing system leak is hardly ever evidenced straight beneath the issue area. Normally leakages travel down rafters and beams and are made apparent in a completely different area. Our water damage experts in Michigan will find the precise area causing the problem, do something about it to clean up and dry up any seeping water and take…