Foundation Cracks Southeast Michigan


A basement wall crack in a poured basement foundation is generally caused by concrete shrinkage. This shrinkage can continue for three years after the basement wall has been initially poured and sometimes can occur even longer afterward. Even after this period, continued pressures, such as soil contraction and expansion, can cause further foundation cracks in southeast Michigan […]

Small Crack Repair in Southeast Michigan


Small cracks are a natural occurrence when using concrete in construction. Seasonal expansion will eventually lead to hairline cracks in the basement, and our waterproofing is designed to stretch with the wall and span cracks that would normally let water into your basement. But when a basement has not been properly sealed, or has been […]

Strongest Foundation Crack Repair in Michigan

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We treat every foundation crack repair project in Michigan as if it were our own home or commercial property.  With foundation repair specialist on the job you will be assured your home or commercial property is well taken care of.  Master Lift only employs the most experienced and highly advanced Foundation Repair Engineers in Detroit, MI and can repair any foundation repair issues you’re experiencing.