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Small Crack Repair in Southeast Michigan

Small cracks are a natural occurrence when using concrete in construction. Seasonal expansion will eventually lead to hairline cracks in the basement, and our waterproofing is designed to stretch with the wall and span cracks that would normally let water into your basement. But when a basement has not been properly sealed, or has been…

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Repairing Basement Leaks in Southeast Michigan

Basements are often associated with leaks in southeast Michigan, water damage, and mold problems – and rightly so. If moisture issues have caused your basement to become a constant source of stress, consider calling in a professional waterproofer.

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Southeast Basement Waterproofing Experts

If you’re looking for a waterproofing contractor, you should get in touch with $99 Waterproofing. We’ve been keeping South East Michigan homes dry, comfortable and safe for many years. Our basement waterproofing company is a licensed and competent contractor that specializes in basement waterproofing in Southeast Michigan.