Affordable Leaky Basement Solution in Brownstown Michigan

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Are you looking for a Basement solutions provider for waterproofing your House and Sump pump Installation in the Brownstown Michigan area? If yes, then you may not think of anyone other than

Solving Water Seepage in Brownstown Michigan

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Explore the causes of water seepage and basement leaks to prevent disaster from striking your home or business with the team at 99 Dollar Waterproofing.

Free Estimates For Brownstown Leaky Basements

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A basement is typically wet and basement walls are cracked, damp, or even leaking water into your home. It is more suitable to fix these troubles quickly as they happen because you can grow mold or the foundation of your home will eventually give way. 

What To Do With Your Leaky Basement in Brownstown Michigan

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We are your Brownstown Wet Leaky Basement Waterproofing contractors and you can get a free online estimate by calling 844-995-3257. Don’t let wet basements or leaks trick you, they need to be taken care of as soon as possible.