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Most Affordable Method in Southeast Michigan For Crack Injections

basement cracks southeast miUrethane and Epoxy crack injection is the most affordable guaranteed method that $99 Waterproofing recommends for stopping basement cracks from leaking forever. The cracks we injected over 20 years ago are still dry today in southeast Michigan.

Crack injecting is a procedure of filling cracks, holes, and voids in poured concrete walls with a material of either urethane or epoxy specially formulated to stop water and or strengthen the integrity of the structure. Our specialist injects all cracks from the inside under pressure filling the crack or void to the outside.

We have a special that is running all the time for leaking basements $99 for your first crack injection in southeast Michigan and $99 for 4 tie rod hole repair.

$99 Waterproofing is setting the new standard to waterproof your basement the right way in southeast Michigan with an affordable price. We want you to feel comfortable fixing cracks in your basement that leak.

Basement waterproofing se mi

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