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Water Problems Cause Foundation Issues in Southeast Michigan

waterproofing experts southeast miWater problems are the main cause for foundation problems. Knowing the cause of water leaks will lead to the solutions needed to waterproofing your home with the help of $99 Waterproofing. They can determine if it is an interior or exterior problem.


The specialist at $99 Waterproofing have been doing this line of work for 20+ years in southeast Michigan and are the best at it. 


Basements and crawlspaces also need an exterior drainage system next to footing. Sump pumps should be installed and determining the correct size of the sump pump is critical. It it is too small, it won’t keep up with the amount of water coming in. And a $99 Waterproofing specialist can set you up with a sump pump that works for your home.

Basement waterproofing se mi



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